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If you're staying at a WDW resort hotel, you can use any resort amenities. If the pools are too full at your hotel, hop a bus to the pool at the Grand Floridian or Animal Kingdom Lodge!

Just ask for ice water at any restaurant or counter service area. It's free! Aim for places with Coke machines for filtered, tastier water.

Extra Magic Hours make the park more busy. The extra hour or two that you wake up early for usually gets eaten up in extra wait times in lines. Plan your trip around not being in any parks on their Extra Magic Hour days. You will experience far less wait times!

Rather than buying a character autograph book in the park, bring a storybook with the characters in it for them to sign!

Annual Passholders get free parking as well as many other discounts in the parks. If you're driving and staying at a non-WDW hotel, consider buying 1 person an annual pass to save on parking and souvenirs. Remember, parking is $17+ daily!

If you aren't in a rush to get to the parks, get free parking by getting an early spot at Downtown Disney, then riding a bus to the park. You can end the night eating an enjoyable dinner in Downtown Disney, and avoid the crowds leaving the park, too!

Wait times skyrocket in Peak Seasons, everybody knows that. But did you know that they also rise around Daytona 500 weekend and other big area events? Check the calendar of events in Orlando before booking your vacation!

Download the My Disney Experience App for your smartphone before you arrive, and get used to navigating around it. Waiting in the standby line for Soarin' isn't the time to learn how to reserve a Fastpass!

While planning, don't be afraid to double-book dining reservations, you have until the day before to decide where you would like to eat. Remember to cancel the other reservations in time, so you won't get charged.

If you decide to change your reservation after the penalty is in effect, try calling 407-WDW-DINE and ask them to change it to a later date, then cancel the reservation later for free. Otherwise it's a $10 per person charge.

Characters autographs turn out better with a giant pen, they are expensive in the park, bring one from home.

If the line splits and you can't see where it ends, go left. Majority of the crowd tends to head right, thus giving you a shorter line.

There is no chewing gum sold on WDW property. If you can't do without, plan accordingly.

Celebrating a birthday, first visit, engagement, etc? Pick up a celebration button at the hotel front desk or any guest services.

A photopass CD or memory maker is the most cost-sensible way to buy pictures from your vacation. It's expensive, so ensure you take plenty of Photopass pictures!

Two parents with an infant? Ask the ride attendant to Ride-Swap with your child, so you can both swap and ride separately while the other one holds the baby. The second parent enters a shorter line as soon as the first one exits the ride!

Annual Passholders have an exclusive hotline for issues with much less wait time.

If you have at least 1 night left in your WDW hotel, ask any shop to send your purchased items to your hotel instead of carrying them through the park. You can also throw a few items into the bag if you figure that you won't need that extra rain poncho today.

Coffee drinkers should consider buying a souvenir cup the first morning, it comes with free refills for the entire vacation. I recommend leaving it at the hotel and drinking water at the parks, rather than carrying it all day.

You must finish food and drinks before you enter a ride. Don't go buy that large slushie on your way to a ride, you will have to throw most of it out.

Pick 1 cheat snack. It'll keep you from trying every food you walk by. Mine is a Mickey bar. I get one every vacation.

A toy bought early gets carried by dad all day. Kids usually only like it until the next attraction, which isn't far ahead.

Request a recipe for dishes that you enjoy.

Skip the wait in the morning by leaving the backpack in the hotel. Guests without bags bypass security checks.

Individual cereal boxes make great kids' snacks. And they're disposable, so you won't be lugging that tupperware around after it runs out of Cheerios.

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