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Animal Kingdom

 ☺ Indicates my Favorite Healthy Options

Healthy Meals and Snacks

​​Bradley Falls Kiosk

Edamame Beans $3.99​   ☺

Flame Tree Barbeque

1/2 Chicken $10.99​   ☺

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Salad $9.99

Watermelon Salad $8.99

Turkey Leg $9.99

Gardens Kiosk

Trek Power Salad $5.49​   ☺

Farmers Salad $5.49

Harambe Fruit Market

Fresh Fruit Cup $3.79

Orange $1.69

Apple $1.69

Clementines $3.99​   ☺

Grapes $3.79

Banana $1.69

Watermelon $3.39

Dried Cranberries $3.99

Fruit and Nut Trail Mix $3.99

Greek Yogurt $3.19

Danimals Greek Yogurt $2.99

Harambe Market

Grilled Chicken Skewer $8.99​   ☺

Kids' Chicken Skewer $6.99

Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery

Fresh Fruit Cup $3.79​   ☺

Yogurt $2.39

Mr. Kamal's

Samosa with Mango Salsa $5.99

Falafel Sandwich $9.49

Hummus with Fresh Vegetables and Pita $6.99​   ☺

Edamame $3.99


Heart of Romaine Salad $9.79​   ☺

Rainforest Cafe - Breakfast

Egg White Omelet $11.99​   ☺

Kids' Tuki's Oatmeal $5.99

Rainforest Cafe - Lunch and Dinner

Paradise Chopped House Salad $6.99

Little Islander Caesar Salad $6.99

Big Islander Caesar Salad $16.99

Big Islander Shrimp Caesar Salad $18.99

Volcanic Cobb Salad $16.99

China Island Chicken Salad $16.99

Carribean Coconut Shrimp $22.99

Taste of the Islands $27.99

Tribal Salmon $24.99​   ☺

Shrimp Platter $25.99

Rainforest Natural Burger $12.99

Rumble in the Jungle Turkey Wrap $15.99

Seasonal Vegetables $3.99

Kids' Grilled Chicken $8.99

Kids' Apple Sauce

Kids' Fresh Fruit

Kids' Steamed Vegetables


Black Bean Burger $10.19​   ☺

Chicken BLT Salad $9.99

Kids' Turkey Wrap $7.49

Tusker House - Breakfast

($15-30 per adult)

Scrambled Eggs

Seasonal Vegetable Quiche​   ☺

Sweet Plantains



Raisin Bran


Assorted Yogurts

Tusker House - Lunch and Dinner

($30-60 per adult)

Peri-Peri Marinated Baked Salmon

Split-roasted Chicken

Mango Chutney

Toasted Couscous Salad

Apple Sauce

Saffron-infused Root Vegetable and Cabbage​   ☺

Sweet Plantains

Pearl Couscous with Sweet Basil

Spiced Vegetable Tufo

Cape Malay Curry Chicken

Seafood Stew with Tamarind BBQ Sauce

Quinoa Salad with Shrimp

Watermelon and Feta Salad

Seasonal Fresh Fruit

Chickpea and Cucumber Salad

Tossed Caesar Salad

Mixed Greens

Tomato and Cucumber Salad with Mint Yogurt Dressing

Spicy South African Preserves



Yak and Yeti Local Food Cafes

Korean Stir-fry BBQ Chicken $9.99

Ginger Chicken Salad $9.99

Roaster Vegetable Couscous Wrap $8.99​   ☺

Yak and Yeti Restaurant

Wok-Fired Green Beans $8.99

Lettuce Cups for Two $13.99

Firecrakcer Shrimp $9.99

House Salad $5.99

Mandarin Chicken Salad $15.99

Asian Shrimp Salad $18.99

Vegetable Lo Mein $17.99

Ginger Salmon $24.99

Seared Miso Salmon $24.99

Teriyaki Mahi Mahi $24.99

Chicken Tikka Masala $22.99

Malaysian Seafood Curry $22.99

Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs $20.99​   ☺

Sauteed Baby Bok Choy $9.99

Kids' Vegetable Lo Mein $8.49

Refill water bottles at Restaurantasaurus. The water is self service, filtered, and cold!

For pin traders: Ask to see the pin boards at the Dinosaur gift shop.

Avoid the crowd by booking an early breakfast reservation at Rainforest Cafe and entering the park through the gift shop.

Kali River Rapids line time skyrockets when it's hot out. Make sure you have a Fastpass if you plan on riding in the summer afternoon.

Check out Rafiki's Planet Watch for a less hectic park experience. There is a great petting zoo for kids and interesting exhibits for adults.

Kilimanjaro Safaris: Fastpass it or get there early.

Before arriving, JOIN THE LANDRY'S SELECT CLUB. It's $25 and they give you $25 to spend your first use. Rainforest Cafe and Yak & Yeti are both Landry's restaurants. You don't need reservations to eat, and you jump the entire waiting line!

For Pin Traders, try the stroller and wheelchair rental for a pin board after noon. They tend to be too busy before that time.

Finding Nemo: The Musical is a broadway-style show performed multiple times throughout the day. I typically use my fastpass for other attractions, since there is ample seating in the theater.

The crowds run to Expedition Everest and Kilimanjaro Safaris as soon as the gates open.

Make a dinner reservation at Yak and Yeti restaurant for about 30-60 minutes before the park closes. The park closes earlier than the others, so you will optimize time in the park. They won't kick you out until you are finished with your meal.

Try the hot tea cart in Asia. It's delicious. But leave enough time to drink it before your next ride, since you can't bring it in.

Animal Kingdom serves only paper straws in all of their drinks, to protect the animals. They work fine, unless your child tends to chew on their straws. Bringing a sippy cup with you may be necessary.

It's Tough To Be A Bug attraction is a great way to get the whole family out of the heat mid-day. I don't bother with a fastpass for this one, though. There are multiple shows and plenty of seating.

Keep kids entertained in the It's Tough To Be A Bug waiting line by counting the animals in the Tree of Life.

Plan family pictures with the Tree of Life for the morning or afternoon. The shadows mid-day make it more difficult to get a good photo.

If it rains, head for these indoor attractions:


It's Tough To Be A Bug

Conservation Station

Be sure to bring a poncho and flip flops for Kali River Rapids. You can't ride barefoot and your shoes WILL get soaked!