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Disposable ponchos cost $1.00 at your local Superstore. They are lightweight and small, and you won't have to carry a wet mess with you after the rain passes. Invest in 2 for each person, leave one in the hotel or car.

Ever since I acquired Mononucleosis while at Disney World, I have been a hand sanitizer nazi. I carry a travel size bottle and use it before I eat anything at a theme park.

Carry 1 disposable water bottle per person. Then refill it at any counter service or restaurant. They will give you free ice water, which you can transfer from the cup into the water bottle. Avoid water fountains, they are less sanitary and unfiltered Orlando water tastes terrible.

A windbreaker is a light option to bring in a backpack for the Winter months or for late night shows, like Fantasmic.

Traveling light is all about disposable items. Nearly everything you have with you should be disposable to offset weight as you acquire more items throughout the day. Disney recycles nearly every piece of trash, so don't worry.

Leave the selfie sticks at home. Disney has officially banned them on the entire resort.

There are better ways to eat cheap at Disney than bringing sandwiches with you. Bring water bottles from home and skip on the sugar treats, eating reasonably priced, healthy items only when you're actually hungry. I've done full days in the parks for less than $20 a person and not been hungry.

Essential Items

​​Park Passes or MagicBands


Credit Card

Disposable Ponchos

Hand Sanitizer

Water Bottles





Nice to Have

Pepto Bismol, Excedrin, etc

Granola Bar


Moleskin (Blister pads)

Extra camera batteries

Camera charger

Phone charger/Portable charging unit

Body Glide stick/Body powder (For chafing)

What Not To Bring


A 3-course lunch in tupperwares and a cooler

A backpack for each person

Selfie sticks

Backpack Essentials