Being a Florida native, I have gathered some pretty great tips and tricks for doing Disney World the right way:

Tables in Wonderland. If you like to eat and drink, get it.

It's $100 annually.

What does it cover? A 20% discount offered on food and beverage, including alcohol, at over 100 participating restaurants at the WDW Resort (discount is valid for a party of up to 10 Guests including the member).
Plus - Complimentary Resort Valet and Theme Park parking for dining purposes.
Plus - Invitations to special events, such as happy hours, dessert parties, and dinners!

Add it up: A family of three averaging $50 a meal for only 2 meals a day, times five days in the parks.. Can cost $500.

20% off equals $100, the cost of the membership!

The card just paid for itself in 5 days at Disney.

Now you get to use it for the rest of the year, getting 20% off participating restaurants for no additional cost.

The real discounts come at EPCOT's International Food and Wine Festival!

I mentioned Complimentary Parking, right?

Check this out:

I love eating dinner at Animal Kingdom Lodge's Jiko restaurant. With this card, I get free valet parking at one of my favorite restaurants.. Or any other Tables in Wonderland restaurant!

Also... If you go to the parks just to eat dinner at a Tables in Wonderland restaurant, like the Brown Derby... FREE parking. Just bring your card and dining receipt within 3 hours to any guest services to have the parking fee refunded. I usually go ride a rollercoaster afterward :)

Just don't lose or ruin the card! It's $50 to replace.

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