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Split the rotisserie 1/2 chicken at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. It can feed two and is relatively inexpensive.

Any counter service restaurant will give you free ice water. Aim for restaurants with soda machines, since the water will be filtered (Orlando water has a very distinct taste).

​There are no restrooms in Liberty Square, in keeping the tradition of that era.

The Main Street Barber Shop gives kids free "coloring" job with Mickey Heads on the back of their hair. 

What a great place for baby's first haircut, along with free Mickey ears!

​There is no alcohol in Magic Kingdom, with the exception of dinner wine and beer at Be Our Guest.

The People Mover is a nice ride to relax on and escape the summer heat.

It's important to arrive at your favorite rides early if you don't have Fastpasses. Rides in Adventureland and Frontierland tend to be more empty in the mornings but fill up in the afternoon.

Make a breakfast reservation at Cinderella's Royal Table to get exclusive pictures with no crowds in the park. Make your reservation 180 days out, as it can fill up in minutes.

Split entrees and order 2 salads at expensive dinner restaurants to avoid unnecessary expenses and leftovers.

There is a play area near Splash Mountain for small children to run around.

Plan to take this year's Christmas card photos sitting on the sled at Ye Olde Christmas Tree Shop in Frontierland.

Reservations are difficult to acquire the day of for lunch or dinner. Consider jumping on the monorail and eating at the Grand Floridian, Polynesian, or Contemporary resort.

Liberty Tree Tavern has an All You Can Eat traditional Thanksgiving dinner every night for a very reasonable price.

Hop the monorail to the Grand Floridian for High Tea and a break from the heat and crowds.

Haunted Mansion tends to gather crowds around lunch and not die down under the fireworks show.

Take a relaxing ride on the Liberty Square River Boat to escape the wild park for awhile. Be one of the first aboard and immediately head forward to get one of the few seats.

Ask to ride in the pilot house, and get a free Captain's Certificate!

For a different view of the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom, head up the stairwell on the front-left side of the Contemporary Resort about 20-30 minutes prior. The rooftop deck is the perfect place to view the fireworks and the whole character monologue is broadcast throughout the deck. Plus, you will avoid the park crowd. Plan to do this the night that you arrive since no park admission is required!

Peter Pan's Flight, Space Mountain, and Seven Dwarf's Mine Train are the first Fastpasses to run out. Book early!

The Liberty Square Bell is cast from the same mold as the actual Liberty Bell!

There is a first aid station, baby care area, and nursery with changing tables and toys near Casey's Corner.

The train goes on hold for the parade from about 2:30-2:50pm every day.

The Plaza Restaurant has no restrooms.

Casey's Corner serves ham, egg, and cheese breakfast croissants until 11am.

Hungry, but want to watch the parade? Tony's Town Square has an indoor patio just next to the parade route. Arrive early for your reservation and ask to sit in the parade viewing area.

There is a nice area to nap in the back of the new Fantasyland near Storybook Circus.

The Plaza restaurant usually requires reservations. Their chicken salad is big enough for two.

Starbucks Coffee doesn't offer any Passholder or other discounts.

There are mice in the rafters of the castle if you look closely!

Gustav's Tavern in Fantasyland is a great place to recharge your cellphone. There are many outlets inside. The apple brew in here tastes great and apple juice helps with headaches.

The Tomorrowland Dessert Party is a different way to watch the fireworks show, having a prime location to sit and eat during. Although, not very healthy :) Make a reservation if this is something you're looking for.

There is an alternate park exit by the Plaza restaurant.

There is a parade every day at 3pm and 1 hour before the fireworks.

In the Spring and Summer, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride gets turned up in speed a bit. The front row tends to get a little wet.

Be sure to bring your poncho and flip flops for Splash Mountain!

To the right of Cinderella's Castle is a small area with a wishing well. This is the only area in the whole park that doesn't get much traffic. Sit down on the benches here and rest in the shade.

If you plan to propose at Magic Kingdom, tell a PhotoPass Photographer. They will help you get great photos!

 ☺ Indicates my Favorite Healthy Options

Healthy Meals and Snacks

​​Aloha Isle

Fresh-Cut Pineapple Spear $3.29   ☺

Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie $4.79

Orange Smoothie $4.79

Raspberry Smoothie $4.79

Whole Fruit $1.69   ☺

Be Our Guest - Breakfast

Eggs Florentine $19.99

Scrambled Egg Whites $19.99

Vegetable Quiche $19.99   ☺

Kids' Oatmeal with Soy Milk $11.99

Kids' Cereal with Soy Milk and Fruit $11.99

​Be Our Guest - Lunch

​Tuna Nicoise Salad $13.99

Chicken Nicoise Salad $13.99   ☺

Quinoa Salad $10.49

Vegetable Quiche $9.49

Kids' Seared Mahi Mahi without Ranch Dressing $7.49

Kids' Grilled Chicken $7.49

Be Our Guest - Dinner

Herb Crusted Lamb $28.99

Pan-Seared Chicken Breast $23.99

Pan-Seared Salmon on Leek Fondue $24.99

Sauteed Shrimp and Scallops $26.99

Layered Ratatouille $18.99   ☺

Mussels Provencal Appetizer $12.99

Garden Salad $5.99

Seasonal Salad Trio $7.99

Kids' Grilled Fish of the Day $8.99

Kids' Chicken Brochette $8.99

Kids' Fruit Cup $2.39

Kids' Garden Salad $2.39

Cheshire Cafe

Whole Fruit $1.69   ☺

Cinderella's Royal Table - Breakfast

($15-30 per adult)

Healthy Choice

Baked Quiche   ☺

Cinderella's Royal Table - Lunch

($30-60 per adult)

Pan-Seared Chicken

Rice with Roasted Vegetables

Chef's Fish of the Day   ☺

Kids' Roasted Chicken Leg

Kids' Garden Salad

Cinderella's Royal Table - Dinner

($30-60 per adult)

Castle Salad   ☺

Seasonal Salad

Rice with Roasted Vegetables

Pan-Seared Chicken

Chef's Fish of the Day

Kids' Roasted Chicken Leg

Kids' Garden Salad​

Columbia Harbor House
Grilled Salmon $12.49
Broccoli Peppercorn Salad $8.99   ☺
Garden Harvest Salad $8.99
Vegetarian Chili $4.99
Steamed Fresh Broccoli $2.19
Couscous $3.29

Cool Ship

Turkey Leg $10.49   ☺

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

1/2 Rotisserie Chicken $10.99   ☺

Grilled Chicken Sandwich $10.49

Veggie Burger $9.99

Greek Salad $8.49

Dannon Greek Yogurt $3.19

Gaston's Tavern

Mixed Fruit Cup $3.79

Mixed Vegetable Cup with Dip $3.99

Hummus and Chips $4.39   ☺

Soy Milk $2.59

Liberty Tree Tavern - Lunch

Declaration Salad $5.99

Colony Salad with Seared Salmon $16.99   ☺

The Vegetarian Proclamation $12.99

This Season's Fresh Catch (Market Price)

Kids' Garden Salad $2.19

Kids' Celery and Carrot Sticks $2.19

Kids' Sliced Apples $2.19

Liberty Tree Tavern - Dinner

Declaration Salad

Vegetables (Included with Dinner)   ☺

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Deluxe Chicken Sandwich $10.79

Veggie Burger $9.99   ☺

Southwest Chicken Salad $10.99

Corn on the Cob $2.19

Pinocchio Village Haus

Mediterranean Salad $9.19   ☺

Caesar Salad with Chicken $8.49

Caesar Side Salad $3.39

Tomato Basil Soup $3.29

Prince Eric's Village Market

Pickle $1.59

Apple Slices $2.19

Pineapple Cup $3.99   ☺

Mixed Fruit $3.79

Watermelon $3.19

Grapes $3.79

Whole Fruit $1.69

Hummus and Chips $4.39

Mixed Vegetable Cup with Dip $3.99

The Crystal Palace - Breakfast

($15-30 per adult)

Seasonal Fresh Fruit   ☺

Scrambled Egg and Omelet Station

The Crystal Palace - Lunch

($30-60 per adult)

Creative Array of Salads

Freshly-made Soup

Split-roasted Carved Meats

Seasonal Fish and Vegetables   ☺

The Crystal Palace - Dinner

($30-60 per adult)

Garden Fresh Salads

Spice-boiled Shrimp

Split-roasted Carved Meats

Chicken, Beef, Fish, and Vegetable Creations   ☺

The Diamond Horseshoe - Dinner Only

($1-15 per adult)

Declaration Salad   ☺

The Friar's Nook

Vegetable and Chips with Hummus $6.99   ☺

The Plaza Restaurant

Tuna Salad Sandwich $12.99

Chicken Strawberry Salad $15.49

Vegetable Burger $13.49

Grilled Chicken Sandwich $13.49

Vegetarian Sandwich $11.99   ☺

Kids' Tomato Soup $2.19

Kids' Grapes $2.19

Kids' Sliced Apples $2.19

Kids' Carrots and Ranch Dressing $2.19

Kids' Garden Salad $2.19

Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant

Deluxe Chicken Sandwich $9.99   ☺

Chicken Caesar Salad $8.99

Tony's Town Square

Heirloom Tomato and Mozzarella Salad $9.49   ☺

Zucchini Fries $8.49

Caesar Salad $7.99

Insalata Fresca $7.49

Calamari $11.99

Pasta Fagioli $6.49

Caesar Salad with Chicken $14.49

Caesar Salad with Shrimp $16.99

Kids' Garden Salad $2.19

Kids' Celery and Carrot Sticks $2.19

Kids' Sliced Apples $2.19

Tortuga Tavern

Chicken Burrito $9.49

Vegetarian Burrito $9.49   ☺

Southwest Chicken Salad $10.99

Magic Kingdom