You can buy an entire lot of pins to trade on auction sites before your trip, gaining your favorite pins for less cost.

Guest Relations: Every guest relations in the parks and at Downtown Disney has a pin board.
Best Cast Members to trade pins with: custodial people, monorail workers, bus drivers, and managers.
Outlet stores: Cast Members have lanyards.
Stroller rental at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT have strollers with pins.
Guest Services/Concierge Desks at all resorts with the exception of the Swan and Dolphin.

1. Saratoga Springs:
– Pin board on Tuesdays from 12:30 – 1:15pm at the second Lobby between Artist’s Palette and the Main Check in Area (where the DVC and DCL people are).
– In Artist’s Palette there is a board behind the left register in which you can ask to see it anytime from noon to 8pm.

2. Old Key West:
– At the register nearest to Olivia’s Café in the gift shop, there is a pin board.
– Behind the hostess station in Olivia’s Café there is another pin board.

3. Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside:
– Each of these hotels’ gift shop has a pin board that you can ask to see and in both hotel lobbies at 5pm they bring out a different board.

4. Polynesian:
– A pin board in the gift shop is brought out at 5pm until 5:30.

5. Grand Floridian:
– There is a pin board from 6pm until 6:30 in the gift shop as you enter the resort from the monorail on the 2nd floor.

6. Contemporary:
– At the Contemporary there are two gift shops next to each other — one against the wall and the other out in the middle of the floor area. This middle gift shop is where the pin board is available. On request they are willing to bring it out from 9-10am and 7-8pm. 

7. Wilderness Lodge:
– A pin cart in the lobby has a book to trade in. It is available during pin cart hours.

8. All-Star Sports:
– Gift shop has two pin boards by request.
– Guest Services has an extra large pin board instead of the usual pin book.

9. Animal Kingdom Lodge:
– King Pin is a new trader who comes out at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Monday through Friday at 3pm. He has a bag full of pins that you can trade from or you can chance taking a pin from his mystery pouch. You can trade 2 pins with him at a time.
– Bell Services at Jambo House has a pin book.
– The Gift Shop at Kidani Village has a pin book.

10. Beach Club:
– Pin book in the gift shop by request.

11. Yacht Club:
– Pin Board brought out at 5pm in their gift shop.
– The gift shop has a pin book that can be seen upon request.
– Bell Services has a pin book.

12. Swan and Dolphin Resorts:
– Both gift shops have a trading board upon request.

13. Boardwalk:
– Second floor small gift shop has a 12 & Under pin board that can be seen upon request.
– Gift shop on the Boardwalk has a pin board upon request.

14. Pop Century:
– Gift Shop has a trading board 12:00 – 1:00 and 5:30 to 6:30.

Downtown Disney
1. DTD Trading Hut occasionally has a treasure chest where you answer a Disney trivia question. If you get it right, you can hand over your trader pin (one per guest) and dig into the Treasure Chest (pins are in a plastic type ball). The good news there is some good stuff in this Chest. They also walk around occasionally with small boards in the Hut that you can trade from (2 pins per guest).

2. The DisneyQuest shop: Pin Book. Also, over on the West Side never seems to get too picked over especially when it opens so that is always a place to look. When Disney Quest opens (11:30am) all the cast members and managers are just coming on duty so they have fresh lanyards so that is always good to check.

3. Pin Cart on the West Side has a pin book.

4. D-street has a Pin Book.

5. World of Disney allegedly has a pin book, but I’ve not seen it. Also, at a table in the pin room of the World of Disney Store there is an event at 2:30 and 6:30pm in which they bring out a book full of pins and you can pick two pins in the order of the trader who arrived first. Not sure if this is still happening.

Magic Kingdom
1. Trade with Scoop! He is most consistently found early in the mornings in Main Street USA on Mondays and Wednesdays.

2. Tomorrowland Pin Cart has a pin book by request. As of 9/30, I was told it’s no longer there, but I find this hard to believe.

3. Town Square Exposition Hall next to Tony’s Town Square has two pin boards.

4. Frontierland Pin Trading Post has a Pin Trading hat and board – ask to see it at the check-out.

5. Main Street Confectionery has an oven mitt with pins.

6. Sir Mickey’s has a sword and shield with pins.

7. Big Top Store has two popcorn displays with pins.

1. MouseGears has a board brought out at 5:00pm.

2. African Outpost of Epcot World Showcase has a pin trading book you can ask to see.

3. The first giftshop in the Norway pavilion, next to the Kringla bakery, has a small shield with pins on it behind the register.

3. Sunshine Seasons has a pin board near its menus, just to the left of the Soarin’ entrance.

Hollywood Studios
1. Under the Sorcerer’s Hat: the pin store cast members run a “pin game”. They have a pin book and you only get 1 min. to look through it and pick out 2 pins for trade. (Not sure if this is still happening)

2. Rockin’ Rollercoaster photo pick-up area has a pin drum that you can request to see.

3. Oscar’s gas station has a small pin board.

4. Package Pick-up has a pin board.

5. On Hollywood Blvd., the first two gift shops found in the continuing strip of stores — one on the right, and on on the left (as you’re coming from the entrance) have pin boards. The one on the right usually has them out on display. The one on the left you may need to ask about (it’s toward the back of the store).

6. On Hollywood Blvd., Keystone Clothiers (also on the left, further up toward the Sorcerer’s Hat) has a pin board at the watches register.

Animal Kingdom
1. Pizzafari has two pin boards behind the food counter you may request to see.

2. Restaurantosaurus has a pin board behind the food counter you may request to see.

3. Flame Tree Barbeque allegedly has a pin board by request.

4. Stroller rental has a stoller with pins.

5. Outside the left side gift shop: there is a pin book you may ask to see.

6. The Pin Cart on the path from Africa toward Asia has a pin book that may be seen by request.

7. The small shop across from Yak and Yeti has a pin book by request.

8. Located behind the Fast Pass distribution for Kali River Rapids, there’s a chest of pins. It’s hit or miss whether you’ll find a CM willing to let you in there, but it has happened.

9. The Outpost (the store outside of Animal Kingdom, before the gates) has a pin vest that you can ask to see.

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